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Star Wars - Space Air

The Story:

In a galaxy far, far away, a mysterious and powerful artifact chest known as the “Star Wars – SpaceAir” has been discovered. It is said to hold unimaginable knowledge and secrets that could tip the balance of power in the universe. The Lord Darth Vader, has learned of its existence and seeks to harness its power to bring chaos and domination. You and your team are a group of daring rebels who managed to obtain the “Star Wars – Space Air” chest, and you only have a limited time to open and decipher the secrets of the chest & thwart the evil plans of Lord Darth Vader.

Get ready to step into a thrilling One-hour experience filled with mysteries, danger, and intrigue. This is the immersive portable escape room experience that comes to you! In this near-future world, you will work together to unravel a sinister conspiracy that threatens to plunge the entire globe into chaos.

As you race against the clock to solve a series of challenging tasks, you’ll need to rely on your team’s communication skills, and lateral thinking, and prevent a catastrophic chain of events from unfolding. But be warned, this is no ordinary escape room game. You’ll need to hold your nerve and stay focused under pressure, as you grapple with dark forces and the high-stakes consequences of your actions.

Gather your team and prepare for the ultimate test of skill, strategy, and courage. This mission will take you on a thrilling immersive adventure as you work together to save the world.

starwars a high tech portable-escape room
StarWars - High tech & Immersive Portable Escape Room


Get your team together and book your experience.


We will bring the escape room experience to you.


Our Game Facilitator, Agent TOM 😉 will set up the game at your location.

1 or 2 Players

10 R.O Per One Player

3 Players

9 R.O Per One Player

4 Players

8 R.O Per One Player

5 Players

7 R.O Per One Player

Price List For Outdoor

10 R.O Per One Player

*** Please Note: Additional transport or travel costs may apply for locations inside or outside muscat city.

For Booking Please Call : 92715030


Teamwork and Communication, thinking logic and in non-Linear is all you need.



Any Location

An in-person game that can be played in any space. (e.g. a meeting room, at home, or a space you have hired)


An in-person real escape room game that can be played in any space. (e.g. a meeting room, at home, or a space you have hired). We have 2 experiences, 1-Mission Impossible - Overload 2- StarWars
- At Xcape Muscat Al-Mawaleh Branch our ready game takes 70 Minutes to complete.
(5-Min briefing + 60-Min game time + 5-Min debrief)
- At your requested location game takes around 75 min to complete (15-minute game time + 60-minute game time).
- We also have both longer and shorter versions available upon request.
We are pleased to say that we can now run “Mission Impossible & Star Wars” anywhere in Muscat, as long as the region has 4G+ / WiFi signal access. We also accept bookings outside Muscat! Please contact us to ask about our rates outside of Muscat for our experince.
We recommend 12+ years minimum for our regular games. While our main games doesn’t use anything particularly adult in terms of language or other such naughtiness, it does have mature themes and ideas. Also, the experience is designed to be a difficult one, so a younger child may struggle to enjoy the experience fully.