The Dark

IMPORTANT This Real Escape room Experience located in Mall of Muscat "Al Maabilah"
You spend your time in total darkness, with one of your key senses switched off. How do you communicate differently? No point in saying “there, here, that way, this way”. No point in showing gestures, pointing to directions, using facial expressions. Yet, you need to complete a series of smart tasks challenging other senses, and eventually, Try your act at the real live escape room completely in darkness.

The Dark

What if all stories about demons, ghosts, and evil spirits are not merely made-up? You can doubt the existence of evil in the human world. But don’t forget about other, parallel worlds! When two realities come into contact creating portals, it can have unpredictable consequences…

Hundreds of miles away from civilization, in the very heart of the dark wood there is a little hut. Nobody remembers when it all started but there is no explanation for things that happen…They say pure Evil is living here!

Dark creatures sneaked into our reality and took everyone who stood in their way. All attempts to break the link between the worlds ended up with more people go missing … many people had the courage to enter the portal again and finish the job, but all their attempts had tragic results. None of the daredevils had ever come back …

People have long ago abandoned this cursed place. All but you with your especial team. you decided to involuntary imprisonment trying to contain the Evil.

Can you overcome your fears and reach the end?
Switched off eyesight, you rely on your team in blind faith. Will your joint wits and skills defeat darkness & help see the light again?

The “Dark” quest will give you an extraordinary experience of communication with the other by other senses like: Touch, hear and smell.

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