Xcape Muscat Rooms


Xcape Muscat offers the largest live/virtual reality escape rooms in Oman, all with some sort of secret doors and openings, that will be revealed during the game. All rooms are made with a special theme, and all storylines, codes, and riddles are made by us, uniquely for our rooms. The amount of seeking and find elements are kept on a minimum.

Real Escape Room

VR Escape Room

Live escape room games are a type of physical adventure game. people are locked in a room with their mates. within a set time limit, they have to use elements of the room in order to solve the puzzles, clues, and escape from the room.

Virtual Reality escape room allows us to take you to places and into scenarios that would be impossible to replicate in real life.
For example into an ancient working pyramid or back to ancient Greek legend.

  • Xcape operates two real-life and Virtual reality escape rooms locations in the Sultanate of Oman

    In conclusion Take your friends, colleagues, and family inside the game, your body is the controller and your brain believes it's real. Get ready to blow your mind! This is not your usual VR.

    • Immerse yourself like never before and explore the possibilities of an exciting, new, real or virtual world.
    • With 4 stations, bring some friends and multiply the fun by playing together.
    • Age of play is recommended 12+ with age-appropriate games also featured.