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Escape room games Each room or adventure in the escape game is a real adventure designed for each team. Whether the team is a group of friends, family or co-workers, your goal is simple: you have a limited time of just 60:45 minutes. So you have to focus very carefully and open your eyes carefully, work with your team in great cooperation to decipher the codes and ciphers and find the solution to eventually enable you to escape. Gather your team and book now! And test if you have the ability to escape in less than 30 – 60 minutes!

Xcape Muscat Virtual Reality (VR) escape room allows us to take you to places and into scenarios that would be impossible to replicate in real life. For example into an ancient working pyramid or back to ancient Greek legend.

VR Escape Rooms are played wearing a headset, normally played standing up and puzzles may involve crouching and moving around in a 2.5-meter space. Teammates will be in their own space but appear alongside you in the game.






You Are Locked In

First of all, gather a group of family, friends, or colleagues and book one of our awesomely themed real or virtual reality -VR- escape rooms.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Enter your themed room and you have 45:60 minutes to complete your mission. solve a series of puzzles using logic, communication, and teamwork.

Feel The Atmosphere

The rooms are built to create an authentic experience with a fun atmosphere therefore they call it the best escape room in the country.

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