Xcape Provide you more information about the Escape Rooms "FAQs" And Other Fun Stuff!

Of course, we can’t give you the secrets that are locked away behind the door, but this FAQs does offer valuable escape room tips and tricks, Enjoy it!

What is an Escape Room?

An escape game is a real-life / Virtual Reality experience where participants are locked in a room and must use elements of the room, the group’s collective knowledge, and wits to discover clues, solve puzzles, and escape from it within a set amount of time.
Each game is designed for fixed minutes of intense fun! from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
Yes, we strongly recommend booking a reservation in-advance.
Absolutely! We love hosting large parties and corporate events. We are capable of designing and facilitating for groups of 30 up to 1000 concurrently. You can reach us at 91217447 or info@xcapemuscat.com.
We recommend our games for ages 12 and up. We do allow younger players, but some of the game content may be too difficult for them. An adult, 18 or older, must participate with anyone that is 12 and under. Also, any participants under the age of 12 will need an adult to help them.
You can play this game together with your friends, family members, colleagues from work or play it as a corporate game and have fun with them for one hour or more.
We offer you an experience different from other classic activities done as a group; you can find the opportunity to test your concentration, observation, problem-solving and decision-making competencies in practice and you will have great fun.
No. However, we recommend that you bring the least amount of belongings and accessories possible with you in order to move comfortably and fast during the game.
Yes. In addition, there will be real time monitoring in all of the rooms in the house. You can finish the game whenever you want and leave the house.
Our game consists of two different rooms. All parts are included in a single game. The game is designed to be completed in 60 minutes or more by concentration and solving the puzzles. You do not need any special talent other than using your brain and acting fast. This, however, does not necessarily mean that everybody can finish the game!