Welcome to Xcape Oman
Escape rooms of Xcape Muscat are a game in reality; however, this reality doesn’t look like our ordinary environment. You will be locked in the outer space, in an antarctic reseach facility or another unusual place. In order to escape the room you need to complete your mission. You have only one hour to win or to lose.
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Who Can Play ?

The puzzles are designed for many different type of people such as :
Family & Friends
Geeks & Gamers
Students & Classes
Tourists & Travelers

BOOK ONE OF OUR GAMES ONLINEGather a team of 3-6 People and come 15 minutes before game starts

GET LOCKED IN FOR 60 MINUTESEach game offers different unique story and atmosphere.

FIND CLUES & SOLVE OUR PUZZLESIf you get stuck and need help, don't hesitate to ask for a hint.

ESCAPE & SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH FRIENDSIf you get stuck and need help, don't hesitate to ask for a hint.

The Salon

You are Sherlock Holmes of the new millennium and investigating a mind frying crime. You have 60 minutes to know who the killer is to be able to Xcape.

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The Hostage

Uh Oh! You are held hostage.
TIME IS YOUR WORST ENEMY!!! You have to find your way out or you are TOAST. Bring it On…Bring it Hard!!!

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The Museum

The Most Famous Khanjar had been stolen from the Museum of Omani Heritage while you visited the museum, and you have only 60 min before the curse the omani khanjar will trapped you forever.

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3 Players

9.000 R.OPer Person

4 Players

8.000 R.OPer Person

5 Players

7.500 R.OPer Person

6 Players

7.000 R.OPer Person
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Gift vouchers

You may present your friends, family and colleagues an unforgettable impressions from our quests! You only need to buy our gift certificate with access to all XcapeMuscat quest rooms. Participation is only by contact us or through advanced booking by phone: 00968 24691010.

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Special Events

If you think your organisation (e.g. high school, company, etc) need a break from the daily boring routine and looking for a great team-building and ice breaking activity, then you are in luck with us at Xcape Muscat.

In this 60-minute instant activity, team members have the opportunity to work on a mini project. During the game, they will quickly & joyfully assign their own roles & responsibilities while indirectly practicing both individual & team thinking. Teams need to truly live and breathe in union for that one-hour to achieve their goal. Full focus is both essential and guaranteed by the end of the project. The atmosphere and excitement around this live competition seems to create the best experience.

For large group booking, please send us e-mail or contact us directly.

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